How We Do Church

The video below gives an overview of how STC Sheffield works as church. Just press play!

STC Sheffield is a large church with 1000 in the church family – it comprises six distinct life stage-defined demographic groups which together form ‘church’.  The six churches are as below – do click on the links to get a flavour of each church.

STC Kids – church for 0-11s
STC Youth – church for teenagers, 11-18s
STC Students – church for university students
STC Young Adults – church for 18-30s
STC Young Families – church for those with small children
STC Community – church for our networks and neighbourhoods

Church Growth

Our church community has grown considerably over these last years. At the heart of this growth are midweek communities called Clusters and Cells.

What are Clusters?

  • Clusters are communities of 20-30 people who have a common purpose or vision.
  • Cluster communities comprise of two or more Cells – communities of 10-12 people.
  • Cluster communities are a place to both Connect with others and together make an Impact in local areas, workplaces etc.
  • Clusters usually meet monthly with their cells meeting the other 3 weeks; however, this may vary as appropriate.

What are Cells?

  • Cells are small groups of 10-12 disciples supporting each other through prayer, the Bible, fun and friendship.
  • Cells usually meet weekly (and Cluster each month) – meeting times vary depending on life stage.

Clusters and Cells look to live out the lifestyle of Jesus; a three dimensional lifestyle of UP – IN – OUT.  Having seen this basic UP-IN-OUT structure in the video above, the video below shows how this actually works in practice here at STC.  Discipleship is at the heart of all we do and this video, ‘6 Marks of a Disciple’, unpacks this.

This church structure has proved its worth during the Covid-19 pandemic, with cells and clusters easily transitioning to online meeting.