Meet Friends: CommunityMeet Friends: Community

Term 1: January 2019


This Term

Below is a simple flow chart to help you navigate through the module.  We start with the Lifeshapes videos, and then move on to that particular module which in itself has three sections, Look, Think and Act.  It really is simpler than it sounds!

There are six teaching Modules this term as we focus on COMMUNITY.  The key topics covered are below with their launch dates:

  • 14/01/19 – being a disciple
  • 21/01/19 – being church
  • (2 week reflection break)
  • 08/02/19 – building community 1 – friendship
  • 15/02/19 – building community 2 – hospitality
  • (2 week reflection break)
  • 08/03/19 – building community 3 – commitment
  • 15/03/19 – community on mission

We begin this term with two short and simple videos presenting two Lifeshapes.  These will be the ‘Tools for the Task’ for this term.  As you go through the modules, you will often see a Lifeshapes symbol.  This is to remind you to refer back and use the shape to help you process this information/thought/idea.  As you use these helpful tools, they will become part of you and you won’t have to keep referring back!

The Modules

Again, there are six modules this term, and the link for each one will appear below as it becomes available.  You can always refer back to the Lifeshapes teaching, flow chart etc at any time.

Password Protection

Please note that the individual modules of the Grow Project are password protected, because this project is intended just for STC church family at this stage.  The passwords are included in the Grow Project emails or contact the church office.