Courses Overview

The three STC courses below are a resource to help individuals and families in our church and community live “The Better Life”.  The materials used have been developed over a number of years to make sure that these courses are not just informative, but really practical and applicable to your life, right now.


Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation is open to any couple who are considering getting married, are engaged, or are even already married!

Whether you are engaged and thinking about your wedding, or in a relationship and wondering about the next steps… this is the course for you.

Over two Saturday mornings, we look at issues that affect every relationship, such as: communication, conflict, money, sex, and family background.

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, with wine, music and refreshments.  It’s a great time for you and your partner to invest in your relationship now, and for the future.

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Raising Children

Raising Children is for parents and carers of children aged 0-16.  We are running 2 courses in 2020. The first course starts on Tuesday 14th April for 5 consecutive weeks and the second runs from Wednesday 10th June, again for 5 consecutive weeks. It will be the same content each time but you can pick the evening that suits you.

It is not a series of rights and wrongs, but a course designed to help you develop a positive approach to raising your own unique and individual children.

Over five sessions, we look at issues that affect every family, such as: developing good communication, discipline, setting boundaries, expressing love to your child, and how to create a strong family life.  There is also a session on social media and parenting in a digital age.

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal.  There is opportunity for group discussion, as well as time and space to think through what you want for your family, and how to achieve it.  Around 300 people from across the city have done the course in the last few years, and we would love you to come and join us this time!

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Both courses give you the opportunity to stop and think about what’s important to you, and what steps you can take to build a healthy relationship with your partner / children.

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Prepared to Care

A short course designed to help us help others through the challenges of life.  For further details please contact the church office.