Eden at Shine Live

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Two weeks ago we took 5 young people from Fir Vale to Shine Live at STC Sheffield. We knew they’d love dancing and jumping around to Guvna B and The Plan, but what surprised us was how well they engaged with Luke sharing his life story of critical illness, recovery, and knowing Jesus through it all. They all said this was the best part of the evening! At the end, two of our young people who started following Jesus about a year ago went to the front to meet with God; responding to the call to know His plans for their lives. It was such a joy to see them singing praise to God as they stood in His presence.


On the way home we stopped for sweets at the local shop, and one of our girls noticed a homeless lady sitting outside. She asked us if she could give her the 20p that she’d brought with her. After she’d done that she wanted to do more for her so we offered her some food and had a good conversation where our girl engaged well and showed genuine compassion. Back in the car she broke down in tears at how unfair it is, and we prayed together for the lady. God had clearly done something big in our girl’s heart that night.


Seeing young people from all across the city gathered to meet with God was incredible. The way He moves and transforms lives never ceases to amaze us and we are so excited that Shine Live is becoming a monthly event and we get to do it all over again in September!