Eden Fir Vale

St Thomas Crookes partners with an Eden Team in Fir Vale, Sheffield.

We are a church-linked youth and community team in Fir Vale, Sheffield and part of the national Eden Network. We are passionate about loving our neighbours and the area we live in, sharing the good news of Jesus and celebrating everything that is great in our community.

Through activities, events, and just having available lives, we prioritise getting to know young people in our area in order to show them love and acceptance, to encourage them to discover a personal faith in Jesus, and to see them fulfil their potential in every aspect of their lives.

The Eden Fir Vale Team was launched at the beginning of September 2011, and the team now has 8 core members who all live within the team’s 1-mile focus area. Running weekly youth activities, working in the local schools and hospital, attending community meetings, spending time with neighbours, and making our homes available are just some of the ways the team gets involved in community life.

Find out more at facebook.com/edenfirvale