Education Audit

In the coming months we are launching a new initiative here at STC Sheffield, aimed at expanding our work with schools, those working in education, and families of school aged children…..and we would like you to help with this.

In July 2017, we started working with an organisation called TLG.  TLG stands for Transforming Lives for Good, and is an education charity set up by Matt Wilson, who used to be with The Message in Manchester.  TLG run several different education initiatives that churches can get involved with, and we are going to be using their School Kit pack.  

School Kit is a 3 session resource aimed at helping parents and carers to support their child in school, with their learning, and to create a supportive environment at home for this e.g. having a good bedtime routine!  There is a fantastic, high quality DVD, along with a parents booklet to accompany the materials.  

If you want to learn more, visit their website here:

We are getting ready to launch this initiative across the whole church.  

The first stage of this is to complete a whole church ‘education audit’.  This is a simple questionnaire that we want anyone who works in education, in whatever capacity, to complete.  This includes students doing education degrees, teachers, classroom assistants, lunch time supervisors, speech therapists etc etc.  We would also like all parents and carers to complete this.

To complete the education audit, and find out more about our TLG School Kit Launch evening, please click here.