Advent Prayers

Advent is an amazing season of hope, anticipation, and an ‘eyes wide in wonder’ unfolding of centuries of prophetic promise.

The season where seeking becomes finding and longing becomes loving.

We have three ways to engage together in Advent Prayers:

1. The Prayer Shed will be open day and night; spend time there to make room for the coming Saviour to become Immanuel.

2. Advent Thursdays , 7:30 – 8AM, we will come together to pray via Zoom – remember being able to chat in your PJs!?!   Details to follow

3. Writing the Bible: Advent. See  This is a wonderful way to journey through the promise and power of Advent. Choose this as your personal daily devotion or share in a group.

Whichever you choose, we pray you will sense the wonder and open your hearts to greet the Saviour.