Sundays at Philly

For the next term we are really excited to be able to gather at St Thomas Philadelphia on the 3rd Sunday of each month. The significantly larger space there will give an opportunity to gather more people together at once. There will be 2 different gatherings across the afternoon and evening:

  • 2.30pm – Family Gathering. This is a chance for families to be able to actually meet INDOORS (in a socially distanced manner). Also, at the July gathering we’ll be celebrating and thanking Jack Hampson as he steps down as Kids Church Leader.
  • 4.30pm – All together gathering aimed at adults to celebrate, equip and build up to go back out into our everyday. Since Kids Church and Defined are already meeting regularly onsite again, feel free to bring your household along so they can be a part of this STC family celebration, but maybe bring some activities for your children to keep them entertained!

This month we’ll have ONE big celebration all together in the afternoon – we’ve increased the capacity even further because we want to gather everyone together at once to worship – no worrying about if you’ve booked onto the same gathering as other people!

Why not then use the time afterwards to hang out in your 6s, or be daring and bring a picnic ready to share with any new people you meet at the gathering!

Bookings for seats will go live at 6pm on Friday 9th July, through this link.

VOLUNTEERS – We need YOU! Could you help serve at one of the gatherings at Philly? Click here!

For more detailed information check out our Philly FAQs here.