Raising Children Tuesday Course

Raising Children is for parents and carers of children aged 0-16. It is not a series of rights and wrongs, but a course designed to help you develop a positive approach to raising your own unique and individual children. Around 300 people from across the city have done the course in the last few years.

Over five sessions, we look at issues that affect every family, such as: developing good communication, discipline, setting boundaries, expressing love to your child, and how to create a strong family life. There are also sessions on social media and the internet.

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal.  There is opportunity for group discussion, as well as time and space to think through what you want for your family, and how to achieve it.

The course costs £20 per family.

Here’s what the Gratton family shared about their experience: “We loved doing the Raising Children course, It gave us a space to take some time to think intentionally about who were are as a family and who we wanted to be. It opened up discussions that we hadn’t had before and helped us focus on our values, bad habits we need to change and helped encourage our son to move onto his next stages (into a bed and potty training are now done!). It also challenged us to think about how we can look out as a family into our community. Plus the baking was top notch!”

This course will run for 5 consecutive Tuesdays, starting from 14th April.

For more information contact raisingchildren@stcsheffield.org