Galactus Jack in Fir Vale

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On the last day of term before the Christmas holidays, the Eden Team in Fir Vale welcomed Galactus Jack (a DJ from the Message Trust) to Sheffield for a day of mission.

During the course of the day, Galactus Jack (real name Ben), led interactive lessons on the topic of identity to students from all year groups at Firth Park Academy. These lessons got the students thinking about the kind of people they want to be, and prompted them to reflect on the things they are putting their identity in. Ben shared his own story of faith, and who he believes Jesus is, and encouraged the students to think about who they believe He is over Christmas.

There were also plenty of opportunities for performances from Ben, dance battles, games, and prizes to be won! The students had a great time!

Ben also stayed on into the evening for an exclusive DJ set in Shiregreen, which students from Firth Park Academy, plus local youth groups in the North of Sheffield were invited to. We took 10 of our young people from Fir Vale, and there were around 20 others.

Despite the fairly low numbers, Ben did a fantastic job, and there was a lot of energy in the room! One girl even ran up to me at the start of the event to declare “this is the best day of my year!” before running off to dance.

As the evening continued, Ben took a break from the music to share again his own story of faith, who He believes Jesus to be, and to give the young people an opportunity to respond to the invitation God was giving them.

At this point 11 young people stood up to say yes to a relationship with Jesus for the first time! We got to pray with them all, connect them to local youth groups happening over the city, and celebrate this incredible decision they’d just made! One of these 11 was a lad our Eden Team know really well from Fir Vale, and a further 2 girls from our girls group Flourish wanted to stand too to recommit their lives to Jesus! God is so good!