Easter 2023

‘For the joy set before him…’ (Hebrews 12:2)

While we can become really familiar with the events of Easter (the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday through to the crucifixion on Good Friday and the celebration of Easter Sunday), this Holy Week we’ll also be contemplating the ‘why’ of Easter, thinking about ‘For the Joy set before him’ (Heb 12:2) and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal in a deeper way the extent of Jesus’ deep love.


  • Palm Sunday 2nd April

    8.30am / Communion in the Chapel

    10.00am / Whole Church Celebration

    7.00pm / Prayer & Worship Night / As we celebrate Palm Sunday and remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as King, we want to gather together to worship Him as King too. We’ll be praising, praying and reflecting; gathered around the cross to adore and minister to the Lord.

  • Holy Week Meditations 3-6th April (Mon-Thurs)

    8.00pm / Evening Meditations 

    'For the joy set before him...' (Hebrews 12:2). Join us as we journey through the events of Holy Week

  • Maundy Thursday 6th April

    10.00am / Communion in the Chapel / Join us for a reflective liturgical service with communion as we prepare for Easter weekend

    8.00pm / Evening Meditation / with communion

  • Good Friday 7th April

    10.00am / Family Gathering /

    12.00pm / Adult Gathering / As we reach the pinnacle of Holy Week, we will come together before the cross and remember Jesus in his last moments before his death

  • Prayer Vigil 7-9th April

    From 1pm Good Friday to 10am Easter Sunday / A time to return to the heart of the Father as we meditate on the suffering of our Saviour and his sacrifice that gave us life

    Worship Area / Friday 1-3pm

    Prayer Shed / Friday 3pm to 10am Sunday / click here to book a slot

  • Holy Saturday 8th April

    8.00pm / Holy Saturday Reflection / A gathering during the Prayer Vigil, for a time of prayer and silence as we 'consider Jesus, who, for the joy set before him, endured the cross'

  • Easter Sunday 9th April

    8.30am / Communion in the Chapel

    10.00am / Whole Church Celebration / A fun, family friendly gathering celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and the new life He brings!