Healing in the skies

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We love hearing stories of healing, here’s a mind-blowing one from a member of Community Church…

“Recently my husband and I were on a plane to Boston USA. A male host who was serving drinks to us asked me what book I was reading. I told him a Christian book on healing and he asked me how did I know he had back pain? I told him that the Spirit of God living in a Christian can reveal things supernaturally.


I told him God can heal him but that he should finish serving drinks to other passengers and to come back for prayer. On his return, I explained to him that the salvation of his soul is more important than the physical healing due to its eternal value.


He later came back and knelt by the side of my seat and received prayers for healing of his back. He stood up and rejoiced and shared his testimony with his fellow crew including the Captain. When we were leaving the plane in Boston, the Captain thanked us for praying for his staff and the healing that took place. We gave God the glory. The Captain later gave us gifts as we left the plane.


I believe revival is possible and it is near if we cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” -Rom 10:17″