This Christmas we’re encouraging everyone to connect with neighbours – it’s a great time of year to get together!  Why not chat with your small group, check the list of ideas below for inspiration and organise something on the weekend of Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th December?  You might even get the chance to invite your neighbours to a church event or carol service!

We’ve categorised these ideas into those based around food & drink, those that are basically social events (which may include food & drink of course!) and charity-based ideas.

Food & drink

  • Mulled wine
  • Mince pies (making them or eating them!)
  • Come Dine With Me
  • Pancake party (not everything has to be seasonal!)
  • Bring & share meal
  • Bake/decorate gingerbread men
  • Jam making
  • Cocktails
  • Hot chocolate party
  • Christmas ‘Bake Off’
  • Dinner party


  • Carols – in a pub / on the street with neighbours / in your home
    (Play music, get a band, or use the words & backing tracks at
  • Football watching party
  • No-football party (host a party for those who don’t like football!)
  • Giveaways – make or buy and give away small gifts to people at work or on your street
  • Distribute invitations to STC at Christmas
  • Gift wrapping party
  • Share a Christmas Spotify playlist
  • Board games evening
  • Host a Christmas quiz
  • Pampering party
  • Go to a pub quiz
  • Secret Santa
  • Arts & craft event – make cards, wreaths etc
  • Gift making
  • Film night

Charity based ideas