Hello, and welcome to STC Pastoral. We do hope you find this page helpful and encouraging.

Our Vision: We believe that healing and wholeness come in community, and that everyone is called to care for one another. Our vision is of healthy, Spirit-filled communities, sharing God’s love ‘in’ and ‘out’ through care and prayer.

Our Team: Our Pastoral Team are ordinary Christians from our STC church community who believe that the Holy Spirit heals and restores peoples lives. Our call as pastors is ‘to prepare God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up’ (Eph 4:12). Our team are all involved in cells and clusters, supporting the pastoral care where they are. They also provide training, ministry and encouragement across the churches through the Route To Care.


The Route to Care:

Watch this video on The Route to Care

Everyone is called into a caring role, as we believe that healing and wholeness come in community. Cell and Cluster Leaders, the Pastoral Team and Church leaders have a particular part to play.


Any individual in a cell or cluster has access to care. For situations or issues which cannot be shared in open cell gatherings, individuals are encouraged to approach their Cell Leaders for prayer and support.

Cell Leaders

Cell Leaders take responsibility for their members by finding the appropriate care and supporting them through the care process. If Cell Leaders feel out of their depth in any way, they should speak to their Cluster Leaders.

Cluster Leaders

The Cluster Leaders’ role is to be actively involved in the care process, by supporting and advising their Cell Leaders and by involving their Church Leader who will refer to the Pastoral Co-ordinator if necessary. If someone is referred, the Cluster leader will encourage the person (if appropriate) to have full involvement in community as usual, whilst receiving ministry from the pastoral team.

STC Church Leaders

Our Church Leaders can refer their members to the Pastoral Coordinator to receive ministry alongside support in their community.

Pastoral Co-ordinator

The P.C. will make arrangements for a prayer team and organise appointments. Care begins with Kairos prayer, which involves 3 appointments over a period of 6 – 8 weeks. A pastoral team will pray with the person over three sessions. Some issues may result in referral to Clergy or outside agencies. Prayer and support from within their community should continue.



  • We value confidentiality highly.
  • Our confidentiality circle includes an individual’s:-
  • Cell Leaders, Cluster Leaders, Church Leaders, the Pastoral Co-Ordinator and relevant Clergy.
  • Information is only shared if absolutely necessary.