Philly on Sundays FAQs

Sundays at Philly FAQs

Are the July gatherings any different now that restrictions are being lifted?

Although restrictions are being lifted on the 19th July, the same measures that have been in place for onsite gatherings will remain, please wear a mask or face covering (unless you are exempt) and please note that we aren’t able to sing, though we can still worship God in lots of other ways!

How can I book a seat?

You can book a seat for any of the gatherings through Eventbrite, using this link.

How long are the gatherings?

The gathering at 2.30pm is 1 hour long, with an hour in between to move and or clean seats and mats. Please arrive 10 minutes before the gathering. The 4.30pm gathering will be slightly longer, up to 1 hour 30 minutes, as there is more flexibility at the end.

Who are each of the gatherings aimed at?

2.30pm – this is aimed at families and will include a whole range of songs, games & craft where families can get up and moving and celebrate together.

4.30pm – This gathering is aimed at ADULTS. There won’t be any provision for children as they are already meeting regularly onsite each week with Kids Church and Defined. If you decide to attend these gatherings as a family, you might like to bring some activities for your children to do during them.

Can I book onto more than 1 gathering?

Parents who have attended the 2.30 with their children can book another gathering if they wish to attend for themselves.

Can I just turn up on the day?

We’re afraid not! In order to manage numbers and keep everything Covid Secure, we ask that everyone books their seats in advance.

Why are we meeting in the afternoon & not the morning? Philly church members will be meeting as usual in the morning, but are allowing us to hire and use the space in the afternoon & evening. It’ll be a tight turn around so we are really thankful that they are letting us use their space!

Does this mean there will still be morning gatherings at STC that day? No. Our staff, production & volunteer teams will need to be concentrating all their efforts on making Philly happen.

How many seats can we book as a household? At the 2.30 there will be a large mat provided per household to sit on. At the other gatherings, there will be enough seats for your whole household to book on. The seating will be set out as single chairs, doubles and 3s. If you are more than a household of 3, we will ensure you are all sitting across from each other in the same area.

Will we be allowed to use the toilets onsite?

Yes. And these toilets will be cleaned before & after each gathering.

Will there be hospitality (drinks/snacks) served?

Unfortunately not. Just like at STC, regulations at this time mean we are not able to offer hospitality at these gatherings. Feel free to bring a drink and snack with you if you think you’ll need it.

If I have a child under 7 & another child over 7, which gathering do I book onto?

We’d recommend the 2.30, as there will be no provision for children at the other gathering. We believe this gathering will be more suitable for families than the other gathering and we have planned for the fact that there may well be some older children at the 2.30. Of course, parents can also book onto the other gathering for themselves.

Can children mingle at the 2.30?

While under 5s can mingle in some contexts now (such as toddler groups), they are not yet able to mix in church settings. This means our children will still need to keep socially distanced.

Where do I put my buggy or pushchair at the 2.30?

There will be a buggy park in the corridor just in from the main entrance. Someone on the welcome team can show you where if you are unsure. If your baby or child is napping in your buggy then can have your buggy next to your family mat. If you have a lot of contents in your buggy that you’ll need for the gathering then you’ll be able to unload everything by your allocated mat and then put your buggy back in the buggy park.

How are we keeping everything Covid Secure? In a similar way to how we keep the STC site covid secure, we will have the following measures in place:

  • Chairs will be wiped down regularly & toilets cleaned after every gathering & we will also be wiping down commonly touched parts of the building (door handles etc.).*
  • We will also be keeping the main doors open for ventilation. We recommend you bring layers to keep warm as it can get draughty!
  • We will be asking everyone attending to wear a face mask or covering (unless exempt) throughout their time onsite.

* To ensure we can keep the building safe as well as keep everything running on time & smoothly, we will need YOU! VOLUNTEER TEAMS. Why not book to attend one gathering and then volunteer to serve at another? This will greatly bless not only the church, but also the staff members!



Please arrive 10 minutes before the gathering is due to start so we can get everyone seated efficiently.


Parking – there is very limited parking so we encourage everyone to walk or cycle where possible (it is also better for the environment!). If you do need to drive down, then there is some parking on Portland Street & Cross Bedford Street, and we will also have access to the Playtime Centre car park. All parking is at the owner’s own risk.

Directions – Here are directions and a map for getting to St Thomas Philadelphia from STC Sheffield:

Approx. 7 mins by car

Approx. 25 mins on foot

On foot:

  • Go down School Road
  • Take the 5th right onto Spring Hill
  • Turn left onto Crookesmoor Road
  • Continue onto Addy Street
  • Turn right towards Oxford Street, then left onto Oxford Street itself
  • Continue onto Albert Terrace Road
  • Turn left onto Infirmary Road
  • Cross the tram tracks and take the first right onto Portland Street. The Conference Centre will be on your right

By car:

As above up until Albert Terrace Road. Then get into the right lane and go straight on, crossing the tram tracks. Turn left into Cross Bedford Street and park on street or in the Playtime Centre car park.