Podcast Archive – 2020

From September to November 2020 our daily podcasts looked at Matthew’s Gospel.  (Tip: To find a particular passage or speaker, use your browser’s Find function.)

Date Bible base Author Recording
07-Sep-20 Matthew 1:1-25 Tom Finnemore
08-Sep-20 Matthew 2:1-12 Tom Finnemore
09-Sep-20 Matthew 2:13-23 Tom Finnemore
10-Sep-20 Matthew 3:1-17 Tom Finnemore
11-Sep-20 Matthew 4:1-17 Tom Finnemore
14-Sep-20 Matthew 4:18-25 Alan Ward
15-Sep-20 Matthew 5:1-20 Alan Ward
16-Sep-20 Matthew 5:21-32 Alan Ward
17-Sep-20 Matthew 5:33-48 Alan Ward
18-Sep-20 Matthew 6:1-18 Alan Ward
21-Sep-20 Matthew 6:19-34 James Brown
22-Sep-20 Matthew 7:1-14 James Brown
23-Sep-20 Matthew 7:15-29 George Knapp
24-Sep-20 Matthew 8:1-17 James Brown
25-Sep-20 Matthew 8:18-34 James Brown
28-Sep-20 Matthew 9:1-17 Liam Brennan
29-Sep-20 Matthew 9:18-38 Liam Brennan
30-Sep-20 Matthew 10:1-20 Sam Watson
01-Oct-20 Matthew 10:21-42 Liam Brennan
02-Oct-20 Matthew 11:1-19 Liam Brennan
05-Oct-20 Matthew 11:20-30 Helen Ward
06-Oct-20 Matthew 12:1-21 Helen Ward
07-Oct-20 Matthew 12:22-37 Laura McClean
08-Oct-20 Matthew 12:38-50 Helen Ward
09-Oct-20 Matthew 13:1-23 Helen Ward
12-Oct-20 Matthew 13:24-43 Luke Bunting
13-Oct-20 Matthew 13:44-58 Luke Bunting
14-Oct-20 Matthew 14:1-21 Luke Bunting
15-Oct-20 Matthew 14:22-36 Luke Bunting
16-Oct-20 Matthew 15:1-20 Luke Bunting
19-Oct-20 Matthew 15:21-28 Tom Flynn
20-Oct-20 Matthew 15:29-39 Abby Murphy
21-Oct-20 Matthew 16:1-12 Matt Stone
22-Oct-20 Matthew 16:13-28 Leah Reynolds
23-Oct-20 Matthew 17:1-13 Sam Watson
26-Oct-20 Matthew 17:14-27 Bryony Wells
27-Oct-20 Matthew 18:1-14 Bryony Wells
28-Oct-20 Matthew 18:15-35 Bryony Wells
29-Oct-20 Matthew 19:1-15 Bryony Wells
30-Oct-20 Matthew 19:16-30 Bryony Wells
02-Nov-20 Matthew 20:1-19 Alan Ward
03-Nov-20 Matthew 20:20-34 Alan Ward
04-Nov-20 Matthew 21:1-17 Becky Wilson
05-Nov-20 Matthew 21:18-32 Alan Ward
06-Nov-20 Matthew 21:33-46 Alan Ward
09-Nov-20 Matthew 22:15-22 James Brown
10-Nov-20 Matthew 22:23-33 James Brown
11-Nov-20 Matthew 22:34-46 Sam Watson
12-Nov-20 Matthew 23:1-22 James Brown
13-Nov-20 Matthew 23:23-39 James Brown
16-Nov-20 Matthew 24:1-35 Liam Brennan
17-Nov-20 Matthew 24:36-51 Liam Brennan
18-Nov-20 Matthew 25:1-13 George Knapp
19-Nov-20 Matthew 25:14-30 Liam Brennan
20-Nov-20 Matthew 25:31-46 Liam Brennan
23-Nov-20 Matthew 26:1-16 Abby Murphy
24-Nov-20 Matthew 26:17-35 Abby Murphy
25-Nov-20 Matthew 26:36-56 Clarissa Finnemore
26-Nov-20 Matthew 26:57-75 Abby Murphy
27-Nov-20 Matthew 27:11-26 Sarah Carroll