Social Media Blackout

Social Media Blackout?! That’s right, you read correctly!

During Lent we have decided that we are going to take a break from our central Facebook page and Instagram profile between 3rd March-17th April*.

As christians we often use the season of Lent to cut back on the things in life that can distract us and choose to spend that time focusing on the Lord. We love social media here and all the creative ways you can use it to connect with people from all over the world. However, we also recognise it can serve as a distraction and want to use this time over Lent to take a break and realign our focus on Him.

Why not join us?

Do not worry – we will still be live-streaming our 11am Sunday Gatherings during this season on YouTube!

*Any information you would normally find on social media will all be available on our website, and if you want to contact us send us an email to [email protected].