Students Alumni

Over the past years the student ministry at STC Sheffield has grown from a handful of faithful students to a thriving community.

There are currently over 60,000 students in Sheffield and this increases every year. The opportunities for the gospel are huge. At a time of life where people are open to exploring big questions we are looking to increase our impact in this important work. As we look to invest further in this work, we are looking to raise income for an additional part-time student worker to work alongside the existing full time student leader.

We are asking our own STC Students Alumni – all those who have benefitted from the amazing student work here over past years to consider helping to support this position. It is an exciting time and an exciting opportunity to invest in students in this way. We wonder if you could be involved?

Please view or download our STC Students Alumni brochure below to hear more about our vision for student work. An online version of the response form is also available below.


Download the STC Students Alumni Brochure.

View the STC Students Alumni Online Response Form.