At the end of April 2022, we shall be launching our STC App!

As we move into this new season of exploring God’s call on us to be a church ‘for the city’, we have decided we need to create one centralised place for all of our key communications, information and updates. Rather than having to scroll through your phone and trying to remember where you heard or read about something, the app will hold everything you need to know on the one platform!

Our hope for the STC App is it will be:

The one place to find out information about what’s happening each week in the church family (time, place location etc.)

The one place to access all our media resources together – Sunday talks, watching livestreams, accessing our social media pages and more resources in the future such as training courses and podcasts.

The one place to find out how you can get involved with the life of the church – joining a team, joining community, signing up for a course.

And eventually it’ll become the one place to contact one another in our midweek groups, the teams we serve on and all our kids work too.


Our plan is for our App and website to become the ‘go to’ for church family, old and new, to find out what is happening in the life of St Thomas Crookes. This will then also free up our social media platforms to become a place where we share more of who we are, tell our story and connect with the outside world.


We are excited to use this new tool to communicate more efficiently and clearly and to bless the church family!