Support the Besom in Sheffield

There are four main ways to get involved with The Besom in Sheffield:

Give Things

  • If you have good quality household items, furniture and white goods that you would like to give to people in need but are not sure how, then contact Besom in Sheffield.  Basically anything that someone might need when moving into a new home.

Give Time

  • Besom make it easy for people to give time in whatever way is best for them, Opportunities include driving the van, collecting and delivering household items, ironing and mending, sorting and cleaning, and a whole lot of other activities.

Give Skills

  • Besom organise decorating and gardening projects for members of local churches who have a heart for people living on the margins.  Put your talents to work for people who need them, Perhaps you have a specialist skill as an electrician or carpenter, or as a group you could undertake a decorating or gardening project for someone in need.

Give Money

  • People can give money through Besom (e.g. to buy essential household items, help run the van, or buy materials for projects). 100% will be spent on whatever has been specified.

If you can offer any of the above, please email [email protected] or telephone 07875950170.