10.30am: Live well

Mick Woodhead speaks about living well as we explore a message for the local church and our 2018 theme: Join Us In Building Community.

Theme: Live Well

Bible base: James 4

  1. If somebody used the phrase ‘live well’ what would that mean to you? What would it look like? Discuss.
  2. Read the Bible passage above. What stands out to you? The sermon on Sunday identified three truths to focus on in this passage; ‘aggression’ (v1-6), ‘arrogance’ (v13-17) and ‘answer’ (v7-12).  Can you see these?
  3. At the heart of this passage is verse 10. What do you think this means and how do we live it out in practice?


As individuals and a community, pray that verse 10 would become a reality for you in the days to come.