10.30am: Now is the time

As we start a new term at STC, Mick Woodhead brings a challenging message about now being the time.

Theme: Now is the time

Bible base: Acts 2: 37-41

Cell questions:

    1. As we start the new term here at STC, take time to specifically give thanks for the Lord’s blessing and provision over these past summer months. Share together.
    2. The big idea in Sunday’s sermon was ‘Time to Change’ – what is changing in your life at the moment? Share together.
    3. Read the Bible passage above.  What stands out for you?
    4. In Sunday’s sermon four truths were highlighted in these verses – what were they? Out of these truths came four actions for us to undertake – again, what were they? Clue: listen again to the sermon!

Application: as a cluster/cell community ask for the Lord’s help this term as you look to live out these truths. Pray together for his Holy Spirit to guide you.