23 July 2019

Hi it’s Mick here and welcome to Tuesdays Podcast. Yesterday we reflected on what it meant to LOOK to Jesus every day for all we need – remember the key verse keep your eyes on Jesus. Today we consider what it means in the busyness of our everyday lives to BE with Jesus.


Time is precious – our energy and capacity to do things is limited; we only have so much of each available each day. If you have small children there will be times when you feel you have no energy available at all! Don’t worry, this stage will pass, they do grow up eventually and become lovely adults so keep loving them and investing in them – it is so worthwhile! As followers of Jesus, how can we use our limited time and energy well? With all the challenges ahead of you today, this week, is it possible to live this Kingdom life each day? Our starting place must be Jesus, he is our model for living this Kingdom life so looking at how he lived his life, spending time BEING with him each day will surely help us in living our lives.

Jesus was a busy man: he came to save the world, sounds like a demanding job to me! He had the same 24 hours each day that are available to you and me however, when you study his life in the gospels you see how well he used his time. He spent time with God his Father; time with his disciples, his community of friends and time serving others in the world healing the sick, teaching about the Kingdom of God – it’s the UP, IN, OUT triangle! Jesus worked very hard but he made time for rest, to be with his friends and so importantly to recharge his spiritual batteries as he spent time with his Father. If we want to live a God life, this is also our model. We need to find time to BE with Jesus every day. Jesus constantly reminded his disciples of this truth.

Listen to Jesus in John 15:4

(NIV) “Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

(MSG) “Live in me. Make your home in me just as I do in you.”

As Christians we know deep down that the more time we spend with Jesus the more whole and healed and blessed our lives are; an hour or so at a Sunday church service, no matter how inspiring it is, is just not enough. So how is this possible in our busy lives. Two top tips; Firstly, give thanks for the time you do spend with Jesus each day, no matter how small you think it is. Listening to this Podcast is part of your daily rhythm of BEING with Jesus – well done!

Secondly, make a plan to find a little more time; the key to any change is start where you are and know where you are heading – then begin to make the small changes needed to get you where you want to go. Perhaps listen to worship music on your bus journey/ walk to work instead of diving into social media. Or maybe a few minutes at the beginning/ end of the day to focus on Jesus? Here’s a truth, if you want to get anywhere it’s often slow, small steps that work not quick giant strides! You cannot ‘microwave’ being a disciple, it’s not an instant thing – it’s more a ‘slow cook’ on a low heat, it takes time!

And when the thought comes into your head ‘I’m just so busy, I don’t have the time to do this’. When that happens, ask yourself this question; How can I spend less time ‘doing’ and more time BEING. I am a ‘doer’, I like to make things happen; it’s been part of my calling as a leader over these many years. However, I have had to work hard to establish Godly rhythms into my life to ensure that ‘doing’ work for Jesus doesn’t squeeze out quality time to ‘be’ with Jesus. Doing comes out of being!

We know that just BEING with friends / those we love is so good; we don’t have to do anything sometimes, because just BEING with them brings so much joy and pleasure to us. How much more so with Jesus! Our lives are so busy today; however, BEING with Jesus has to become a priority – it is possible because Jesus will show us how we can find that time in our day/week to BE with him and as we do, his promise is that we will slowly begin to enjoy a better and more fruitful life.


Lord, show me today how to use my time and energy well. To rejoice in the time I spend with you and look to find more space to BE with you. Lord, help me be your blessing to others this day. Amen