7pm: Join Us and Grow

At the 7pm Gathering on Vision and Commitment Sunday, Mick speaks about how we are the Message of Jesus in the world today.

Theme: Join Us and Grow

Bible base: 1 Thessalonians: 1:1-10 (Message Translation)

Cell questions:

  1. Our vision for 2019 is ‘Join Us and Grow’ – as you hear this, what are your first impressions?  For example, ‘Grow what?’, etc.  Share together.
  2. Give three good reasons why it is important for us to grow personally in our faith in Jesus, and three good reasons why it is important for the church community to grow.
  3. Read the Bible passage above.  What stands out to you?  The key phrase here is ‘You are the message’ – what do you think that means for us individually and as a church?  How do you think we are doing in both areas?  On a scale of 1-10… challenging – ouch!


Try and find time over the next week or so to do three things.  Firstly listen (or listen again) to the Vision Sunday sermon.  Secondly, discuss the questions above as a community.  Thirdly, PRAY and see what God is perhaps calling you to do PRACTICALLY.