Be Transformed

On Cluster Sunday, Mick Woodhead kicks off our exploration of Romans 12 throughout this month of Vision, focusing specifically on being transformed.

Bible base: Romans 12:1-2

Cell group questions

  1. How is life at the moment? (Scale of 1 – 10). Share together… good bits and not so good bits!
  2. Chapter 12 of Romans is about putting the Christian life into practice. Read the two bible verses above; what stands out for you? Share together.
  3. What do you think Paul means when he refers to ‘the patterns of this world’ and the renewing of your mind’. (The visual attached highlights what it means to ‘conform’ or to be ‘transformed’ – taken from Mick’s sermon on Sunday.)


As a cell/cluster community, pray for each other that you, your family, friends and ‘people of peace’ would be transformed by Jesus!

Please watch, listen to, and discuss the Vision 2018 resources in your cell or cluster. The videos are available here.