Promise of Love

At the final 6pm Gathering of the semester, Bryony Wells looks at our Advent themeĀ Love Came Down by exploring Jeremiah 33, and discusses how God’s world is different and how Jesus came to set things right.

Bible base: Jeremiah 33:15-16

Cell group questions

Read the passage together, why not read it from The Message as well as the NIV?

  1. The people of God held onto this promise of a Messiah throughout the 400 years of silence – how do you find it when God seems silent? What do you do?
  2. Have you experienced God ‘setting things right’ in your own life (even if He’s not finished with you yet!)?
  3. Where are you discontented that the world isn’t ‘just and right’? Where would you like God to break in?


Where over the Advent period could you help the Kingdom come in a situation or for a person you know?