Thank You for Faith

At the 6pm Gathering, Rich Goodman and James Brown continue this month of Thanksgiving by exploring the topic of faith, and asking what the objects of our faith are, and where the alabaster jars in our lives might be.

Bible base: Matthew 26:6-13

Cell group questions

  1. Read the passage above, what does the woman’s actions tell us about faith?
  2. On Sunday, Rich and James shared about how centring our faith on Jesus will lead to thanksgiving… what does that mean and how does that work?
  3. Reflect on the lines ‘Love so amazing, so divine demands my soul, my life, my all’ from the song When I Survey. What would it mean to give your all in response to Jesus’ love?


Can we identify those things in our lives that we might draw significance or security from other than Jesus? Pray and choose to make our faith about Him and less about us.