Welcome Back Sunday 2020

As we begin a new season at STC, and a new sermon series “Transition Time: Embracing the New Normal”, Tom Finnemore shares a Bible message for the church.

Bible base: John 11: 33-44 – ‘To transition well is to embrace loss’

Change is part of life. Change happens all the time. A transition is a deep response to that change. It’s primarily identity driven. Over the next few weeks we’ll be asking the Lord to teach us how to navigate the transition in our church; how we respond to the world around is in the wake of COVID19 and seeking the Lord on how he wants us to serve the great city of Sheffield in this time.

  1. As you read through John 11: 33-44 (or the whole of chapter 11) – what strikes you about the story of Lazarus?
  2. In verse 35 it says ‘Jesus wept’. Why do you think Jesus’ response to Lazarus was so powerful and what does it reveal about God’s character? What does it say about how we respond to ‘loss’?
  3. What lessons can we take from this as we think about how the Lord may call us to serve the city of Sheffield?

Take time to pray – to ask God to prepare you in this transition season & all that he has for you, your family and our church.