Thank you for all your financial support and prayers in this season. Here is a video from our leader Tom, outlining why giving in a committed way is an important part of faith and being part of the STC church family, especially so in these challenging times.





This year, Vision and Commitment Sunday will look rather different to usual.   Normally we encourage everyone to attend a Sunday Gathering and to bring their completed Giving Forms to the front of church as an act of worship to God and commitment to this church family.  For obvious reasons we can’t do that this year!

We would really like everyone to fill in an online giving form via this link:  This will also ensure that we have up-to-date contact details for you. The form is secure and your giving details are kept in strictest confidence.

Please could you fill this in by 6th December.  This applies whether your giving is just starting, changing, or even remaining the same.  Giving accounts for 90% of STC Sheffield’s income (74% is giving and 16% is tax reclaimed), so it is really important to know what is going to come in so we can plan spending for 2021 accordingly.  Thank you.


The online giving form above emails the information directly to our finance team only and the system is secure.  Our Church Leaders are able to access who gives, as this is part of our faith journey, but only the finance team can find out how much any individual, couple or family gives – and they keep this in strict confidence.




1.       Pray.  Talk and pray about giving with your family, cell group, other trusted friends etc.

2.       Decide what you will give in 2021.

3.       Fill in the online giving form

4.       Action your giving (e.g. by setting up/changing your standing order with your bank)

5.       Join in online on Sunday 15th November as we make our spiritual act of commitment to God together as a church family.


Thank you for being part of this amazing church family – let’s look forward together to all that God is going to do in 2021!

With our love and prayers,

The STC Staff Team







Our original plans for 2020 were revised following the start of the coronavirus pandemic.  Most staff were able to keep working from home or on site, but a few were furloughed as their jobs were not possible during lockdown.  Some expenditure naturally decreased along with income (e.g. from planned events).  It was so encouraging that during lockdown, giving did not decrease – it actually went up as some new people have joined our church and begun to give.  Praise the Lord, and thank you all so much for your continuing generosity!

The in depth detail is below.


General Fund


General Fund 2020 – Income forecast £657,721

General Fund 2020 – Expenditure forecast £627,367


As you can see, with a forecast income of £657,721 and forecast expenditure of £627,367, we expect to have a surplus in the region of £30,354 by the end of 2020.  Historically, STC has had zero surplus (and often a deficit) so this is an amazing blessing!


Restricted Funds


Building Fund – during ‘lockdown’ we were able to obtain a short ‘payment holiday’ from our mortgage provider to give us some financial leeway.  As St Hild College have been unable to resume meeting on campus, their room hire income that normally goes towards this has stopped for now, but we have been able to make the difference up from the General Fund.  The original £750,000 mortgage is now under £150,000.

Thanksgiving Sundaythis raised £22,000 for Food Bank and the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ partnership in Sheffield.  Thank you!

Nursery – Nursery is funded by fees from government and parents.  The Local Education Authority continued to fund Nursery at 100% levels throughout lockdown.

Other – We have smaller funds of money for Eden, Food Bank etc. which are passed on as appropriate.




In addition to continuing our existing mission and ministry, we want to bless our communities and the city. We wish to look outward in mission in 2021 (where COVID allows) and be a hope and blessing for the city and therefore any extra resources will be dedicated to these activities.