Vision Month

February 2022 – Vision Month!
(launching Sunday 6th February)

St Thomas Crookes is an amazing church with the most incredible people who have loved Sheffield for many, many years.  Building on the foundations of faithful generations, it’s now time to seek God to ask: how are we going to continue to be a church for the City in the 2020s?  Tom will share his thoughts and reflections, but the truth is that it’s a journey for all of us.  From the youngest to the oldest, we’re all called to connect with our neighbours, to serve our workplaces and if you’re living in Sheffield (no matter for how long) to ask just what part you will play in praying for Sheffield, seeking its peace and praying for its prosperity (Jeremiah 29: 4-7).  Join us for the ride….

Join us on Sundays at 9am, *11am & 7pm onsite throughout the month of February.

*11am gathering is also livestreamed and can be found on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.


What is Vision Month?
Vision month is an opportunity for Tom to share some thoughts & reflections on what our church will look like in the near future.

Why is there Vision Month?
It’s good to set aside time to stop and think and ask God what is He asking each of us to do for Him in our city with what He’s given us.

How can I get involved?
We all have a part to play. We’re not a business or organisation where we get told what to do. We’re a family and everyone from the youngest to the oldest has a part to play in serving our beautiful city!

What about calling?
In Jeremiah 29:7 the people of God are told to ‘seek the peace and prosperity of the city’. Each of us may have a specific call: police; builder etc…. and if you don’t know what yours is or are working it out – don’t worry. But we all share a general call as God’s people to love the city and seek its prosperity. To be the best neighbours we can be.