Week 29 – 4th October 2020

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Under 5s Storytime

Kids Church Online

 Online Church – Transition Time: Embracing the New Normal

Cell Questions

For use in midweek communities

Bible base: Colossians 3:13-17 – “Social distance is vital, relational distance isn’t!”
We’re living in such a way that we have to ‘social distance’.  This is an alien concept for humans given that we’re wired for connection.  So how can we remain connected relationally even if we can’t meet physically?The apostle Paul sets out some principles for meeting together well!  How do you think we can apply them to our STC communities?

    1. As you read through Colossians 3:13-17  what strikes you?  What challenges you?  What do you find difficult about what Paul might be suggesting?
    2.   Paul talks about 3 principles:  love (vs 13-14) ; peace (vs 15) and God’s presence vs (16-17) – What’s the challenge to you and where’s the invitation?
    3. As we journey through lockdown – how can we remain connected with each other and spiritually grow?

For parents/carers and children to do together

  • No craft sheet this week


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