Worship in Fir Vale

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At 3pm prayers last week, we spent a significant amount of time praying for Fir Vale and the Eden Team there. This morning, Nikky, who leads the team, shared this story of breakthrough with us…


As I was getting off the bus on my way home, the same day we’d all spent time praying for Fir Vale, I noticed a large group of people gathered outside the local takeaways and shops. Instantly I started thinking, “oh no, there must be a fight happening and all these people are stood around watching”, but as I approached the group, there didn’t seem to be any signs of violence at all.


I spotted a couple of teenage girls who come to our youth groups and asked them what was happening. They explained that, far from there being a fight, everyone was there to sing to Jesus! As I stuck around, the pastor of a local Slovakian church began leading the group in worship, aided only by a single microphone and speaker, and I watched as over 150 people worshipped outside on the street. It was a beautiful moment.


Afterwards I chatted to the pastor and some people from his church and they explained they do this all over Sheffield where there are Roma communities, and many gather to worship and meet with Jesus. God is on the move!