Our Team

Our friendly team members would love to meet you. It would be great to say hello at a Sunday Gathering. Or call in to see us on a weekday when STC Sheffield is open. We’re here 9.30am-5pm Monday to Thursday and 9.30am-1pm on Friday.

    Team Leaders

  • Mick & Tricia Woodhead

    Church Leaders

  • Alan & Helen Ward

    STC Community
  • Tom & Clarissa Finnemore

    STC Young Families
  • Dave & Kate Saxton

    STC Young Adults
  • James Brown

    STC Students
  • Liam Brennan

    STC Youth
  • Jack Hampson

    STC Kids


  • Tom Finnemore

    Associate Rector
  • Alan Ward

    Baptist Minister
  • Heather Andrews

    Pastoral Team Leader
  • Karen Robinson

    Pastoral Team
  • Dave Saxton

    STC College Leader
  • Alannah Barr

    STC College Administrator
  • Becca Staniforth

    Worship Director
  • Ingrid Rehnstrom

    Youth Team
  • Nikki Downham

    Under 5s Team Leader
  • Kathryn Sandersfield

    Nursery Manager
  • Nikky Sentance

    Eden Fir Vale Team Leader
  • Andy Rushworth

    Shine Sheffield Team Leader
  • Scott Lavery

    Shine Sheffield

    Operations & Communications

  • Abby Murphy

    Social Media
  • Becca Staniforth

    Operations Manager
  • Luke Bunting

  • Rob Barnett

  • Bryony Wells

    Communications Team Leader
  • Helen Ward

  • Ruth Aidley

    Admin Team
  • Eric Middleton

    Finance Team
  • Christine Ursell

    Finance Team
  • Malc Drew

    Estates Manager
  • Owen Wilkins

    Estates Supervisor