Our Team

Our friendly team would love to meet you, and particularly to say hello at a Sunday Gathering!  The church campus is also open 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-1pm on Friday.  Do call in!

    Team Leaders

  • Tom & Clarissa Finnemore

    Church Leaders

  • Alan & Helen Ward

    STC Community
  • Alice Humphrey

    STC Young Adults
  • Liam Brennan

    STC Youth
  • Emily Stephenson

    STC Kids
  • Helen Ward & Laura McClean

    STC Families team
  • Sam Watson & Alannah Barr

    Student Team


  • Becky Wilson

    Eden Team Leader
  • Becca Staniforth

    Worship Team Leader
  • Alan Ward

    Baptist Minister
  • Sam Watson

    Worship Team
  • Liam Brennan

    STC Youth & Schools Team Leader
  • Helen Ward

    Family and Children's Work Team Leader
  • Heather Andrews

    Pastoral Team Leader
  • Laura McClean

    Under 5s Team Leader

    Operations & Communications

  • Alannah Barr

    Communications & Design Manager
  • Becca Staniforth

    Operations Manager
  • Ruth Aidley

    Church Administrator / PA to Team Leader
  • Owen Wilkins

    Estates Manager