Vision 2018

Join Us in Building Community

This is our vision for 2018 – the way that we will express our general vision “Meet Friends, Meet God, Live Life Better” in the coming year.

November each year is our month of Vision where we read, watch and discuss the resources below in our cell and cluster communities.  Then we have Vision Sunday, a Week of Prayer, and finally Commitment Sunday, where we respond to the vision by making our financial pledges for the year ahead.

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Video and audio resources:

Literature to read or download (you can also get this through your cell or cluster leader or from church):

NEW – you can now fill in your giving form online if you prefer.

Starter questions for discussion:

  • What struck you about what you have just heard?
  • How do you see this vision working out in your group?

What next?

  • Watch/listen to the above resources
  • Join in with the week of vision and prayer
  • Fill in your giving form and bring it on Commitment Sunday!  (Or you can complete your form online if you prefer.)

Any questions?  Contact the church office on or phone 0114 2671090.