Our Vision


Our vision is simple – St Thomas Crookes is ‘For the City’.

We love the city of Sheffield!  We think it’s beautiful and its people are amazing.

Based on Jeremiah 29:4-7, our vision is to seek the peace and prosperity of the city we call our home. To put our roots down and to love and bless our city.

There are loads of incredible churches in Sheffield. We are just one part of a much bigger picture of what God is doing in our city.

At STC we believe we are called to serve Sheffield by giving away what God has given us: planting churches & smaller house churches around the city.

In order to do this we seek to embrace these values as a family:

  • We value honesty with ourselves and others
  • We value living under authority
  • We value humility and authenticity
  • We value serving and commitment
  • We value generosity – with our time, talents and money
  • We value humour and respect

Come and join us as we step into what we believe Jesus is already doing in the amazing city of Sheffield!